XenDesktop 7.6 Editions

XenDesktop 7.6 is available in three editions, the Advanced, Enterprise and the Platinum editions.

XenDesktop VDI Edition

The XenDesktop VDI Edition is the entry level edition and offers a concurrent licensing option, which is more commonly referred to as ConCurrent User (CCU) licensing. As well as per user and per device options also being available, giving this edition a flexible licensing approach.

The VDI edition will be for virtual desktops delivered from a data centre only using remote access, which means that only connections using the Citrix Desktop Receiver are possible and the virtual desktops can not be streamed to the users device (bare metal streaming).

The thinking behind the development of the VDI edition is to allow companies to 'test the water' when it comes to VDI technology. So those companies who want to implement a small scale deployment, to run a proof of concept for example, can do so at relatively little cost, especially if they elect to use the concurrent licensing model. There's always the option of upgrading to the next edition, if the small scale deployment becomes larger.

XenDesktop Enterprise Edition

The XenDesktop Enterprise Edition is available with concurrent, per device and per user licensing options. On top of the remote virtual desktop access available as in the VDI edition, the Enterprise Edition will also allow desktops to be delivered to devices using streaming and allow the delivery of applications using Citrix XenApp Enterprise Edition functionality at no extra cost.

This XenApp functionality will provide application hosting and application streaming capabilities to be either used in conjunction with the virtual desktops or separately subject to the availability of sufficient licenses.

This flexibility in delivering applications, from being part of a virtual desktop as a core application, or included as a hosted application (accessed from the virtual desktop as a published application) or as streamed application delivered and cached into the virtual desktop, gives the possibility of many more applications being incorporated into the XenDesktop solution.

XenDesktop Platinum Edition

The XenDesktop Platinum Edition like the Enterprise Edition is available with concurrent, per user or per device licensing options and provide the functionality provided by the Enterprise Edition as well as including additional features:

- HDX Seamless local apps,

- CloudBridge VPX-45 for WAN optimization,

- CloudBridge plug-in software-based,

- SmartAuditor Session Recording,

- Common Criteria certified,

- SmartAccess,


- Hosted App Usage Reporting & Trending,

- Historical performance trending,

- User experience network analysis,

- Intelligent session recordingApplication compatibility and migration with AppDNA,

- Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration Manager and

- Integration with NetScaler HDX Insight.